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Finding Your Dharma Greece

October 28 - November 4, 2024

Amorgos Island, Grece


VIP Adventure Wellness Retreat Ecuador

February 26 – March 5, 2025

Ayampe, Ecuador


Discover Your Yin Ecuador

April 2 - 9, 2025

Ayampe, Ecuador

Bali swing at Ricefields

Experience Pure Ananda BALI

July 11 – July 18, 2025

Ubud, Bali

Niyama Yoga Retreats

~ Harmony Within ~

Niyama Yoga Retreats

Niyama Yoga Shala prides ourselves in offering client the opportunity to explore the Art of Self Study and The Art of Ananda in all of our Shalas and on our carefully curated retreats.  In a world that has been largely consumed in non-traditional techniques to yoga, we have confidence, maturity, and over 30 years of experience in the modality of Traditional Therapeutic Yoga.  Included in this is communication of yoga philosophy, proper anatomical alignment practices to best achieve the maximum benefits of yoga, acceptance of self, mindful practices that include meditation, sound healing, ayurveda, and much more.  Our programs include Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Iyengar Ropes, Radiant Infrared Heat, Sound Therapy, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

In Ayurveda wellness begins from the inside.  At Niyama Yoga Shala we focus on creating health, wellness, and balance internally to prolong lifespan and create a sense of overall health and wellness.  From appropriate mindset to creating yoga practices that compliment and encourage health, Niyama Yoga Shalas enable all bodies to explore and experience yoga.

This modality of healing treats disease by addressing imbalances or stresses in a person’s consciousness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. The Sanskrit term Ayurveda translates to “knowledge of life,” and the principles of this ancient wisdom remind us that the entire web of life is intricately interwoven. With a unique emphasis on total wellness, the art and science of Ayurveda work to harmonize our internal and external worlds.
Finding your yin
Our RESIDENTIAL 200 HOUR THERAPEUTIC YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM offers our clients and community at large the ability to fully immerse oneself in the Art of Self Study at our Ayampe, Ecuador Retreat Center.
Sound Healing
Objects aren’t the only things that vibrate. It has been proven that our thoughts and feelings produce energy, which trigger vibrations. Everything vibrates at a different level, including feelings.  Emotions that we consider uncomfortable, or unpleasant, vibrate at relatively low levels. Emotions that most people find pleasant and joyful vibrate at higher levels. 
Nicole has an advanced degree on International Sound Healing Academy, Level 2 Diploma CPYT (Prenatal Yoga)
A form of healing that uses energy work to sense and shift blockages in the mind, body, spirit.

Niyama Yoga Shala, Ayampe, Ecuador

Nicole Zornitzer, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist

Niyama Yoga Shala is proud to partner with Vistamar Resort in Ayampe, Ecuador. This collaboration is the brainchild of our Founder, Nicole and the Founder of Vistamar, Matteo. After meeting in 2023 and planning their first retreat together in February 2024, it became quite clear that both Nicole & Matteo’s passion for wellness, adventure, healthy living, and enjoyment of nature were only a few of the commonalities which inspired & ultimately created this partnership.

Niyama Yoga Shala, Ayampe offers monthly retreats, workshops, immersion programs, and teacher training programs. We carefully curate programs that meet the individuals needs as well as group experiences. You can learn more about our calendar of events & upcoming programs by contacting our Shala or by following us on our social media handles. Both Nicole & Matteo bring their clients expansive opportunities to explore the untouched landscape of Ecuador, experience life changing moments through thoughtful programming, luxuriate in self-care and introspective moments, as well as truly immerse oneself in the dynamic culture of Ecuador, specifically the magical shorefront of Ayampe.

Ayampe, tucked away along the Ecuadorian coastline, beckons as the quintessential escape for those seeking genuine relaxation amidst a tranquil haven. This quaint village, away from the relentless hustle and bustle, seamlessly blends modern comforts with a laid-back charm, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As you meander through Ayampe’s unhurried streets, you’ll discover a delightful array of culinary delights. From the aromatic brews at Distinto Coffee shop to the authentic Italian flavors at Las Orishas, the tantalizing EcuaMex offerings of Ayampe Tacos, and the upscale dining experience at Mulata—where Morena’s cheesecake reigns supreme—Ayampe’s gastronomic scene is a journey in itself.

Ayampe’s allure lies not only in its delectable cuisine but also in the pristine beaches that stretch for miles. Due to its slightly secluded location, Ayampe ensures a unique blend of solitude and communal beach experiences throughout the year. Whether you prefer basking in the sun’s glow, riding the waves on a surfboard, or exploring the vibrant marine life through scuba diving and snorkeling, Ayampe’s Pacific Ocean offers a plethora of activities.


Venture beyond the shoreline, and Ayampe reveals its wild side—a lush forest and jungle bordering the village, harboring hidden trails waiting to be explored. Embrace the serenity as you traverse through nature, finding solace amid the rustling leaves and singing birds. Horseback riding adds an adventurous twist, guiding you through sandy trails and up to mountain peaks for panoramic views.

For those inclined towards cultural immersions, Ayampe opens its doors to cooking classes, introducing you to the secrets of local dishes. Embark on trips to various national parks or visit the Agua Blanca archaeological museum to delve into the rich history of the region. The area is also a haven for climbing and hiking enthusiasts, with trails that wind through breathtaking landscapes.

If your idea of relaxation involves languid days swaying in a hammock, Ayampe’s surprisingly temperate tropical weather provides the perfect backdrop. The village moves at its own unhurried pace, allowing you to soak in the simple pleasures of life.
For the ultimate indulgence, Mauli Spa awaits, offering a luxurious retreat for massages, Reiki sessions, and an assortment of bodywork treatments. Immerse yourself in their jacuzzi and sauna, a perfect complement to Ayampe’s laid-back atmosphere.

For the complete Ayampe experience, where rustic beauty meets modern comforts, look no further than Vistamar or Mango House. Vistamar, embodying the essence of Ayampe, offers a natural aesthetic with hot water, fast Wi-Fi, backup generators, and a fully stocked kitchen.

Our third-floor Niyama Yoga Deck provides a serene space to connect with yourself, while the breathtaking ocean views from the rooms and decks amplify the sense of tranquility.

So, whether you’re seeking the thrill of riding the waves, the serenity of a jungle escape, or the bliss of simply lounging by the beach, Ayampe invites you to indulge in a unique blend of rustic beauty and modern comforts. It’s not just a destination; it’s an experience, a haven where dreams come alive with each passing wave and every whispering breeze. Welcome to Ayampe, where relaxation meets adventure, and every moment is a celebration of the extraordinary.

Vistamar Ayampe

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“I was lucky enough to attend Niyama’s 2020 Tulum Mexico Retreat. I had never been on a yoga retreat before and I had a wonderful time. The location and accommodations were beautiful, but it was Nicole and Niyama that made it amazing. Doing yoga looking out over the ocean amongst such beautiful souls was magical.”

— Sondra, Tulum Winter 2022




“My favorite part of being in the Niyama Tribe is the pure sense of belonging and a place to call home. I’ve grown so close to so many of the tribe members in the past two years. The past retreat at Menla changed me in a way that is almost unexplainable. I am so grateful I was able to find such a dynamic group of people who made me consider my well being and health a top priority.”

— Nancy, The Catskills Fall 2021

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